iPhone is a name that is famous for its high quality and superb features.  Apple is the owner of these devices and every competent has tried its best, put up the maximum effort to break the records set by Apple but no one could succeed ever. We have had a lot of rumors about the Apple iPhone 5C and it is really difficult now to consider what is right and what is wrong so have a review of all that.

9 Apple iPhone 5C – Leaked Information

Apple iPhone 5C New Versions

The rumors have shown that the new Apple iPhone 5C will have different versions that will be available in different colors. The new colors include Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White. They will be superb as the new colors are quite attractive as well as beautiful.8 Apple iPhone 5C – Leaked Information


The price tagged on the new Apple iPhone 5C depicts that it will be easily available at the cost of just $490. You can purchase it and enjoy its each and every feature with great relish.5 Apple iPhone 5C – Leaked Information

New name for upcoming iPhone 5

A slight info about the new iPhone 5 has shown that last week it was predicted to have a name of iPhone 5S while now it is quite clear that the new name is iPhone 5G.
03 Apple iPhone 5C – Leaked Information

Apple will announce that it will launch its new next-generation along with the cheap models. Let us hope for the best about the next generation as the expectations are quite high as always. Apple had been coming up with the most efficient devices for ever and the predictions will not be wrong this time too.iPhone 5 White PRINT Apple iPhone 5C – Leaked Information

Guys we have discussed the leaked info about Apple iPhone 5C but there is a little suggestion for you people to keep this info with a heavy dose of skepticism. So just stick to it up till we have the official declaration about this device.iPhone 5 White 3D view MockUp Apple iPhone 5C – Leaked Information