Fieldrunner is one of the earliest tower defense games and now there is a new, better and more interesting version of it: Fieldrunner 2. Android has finally improvised for itself somehow making it better than original.

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This game is set in modern times with high-tech warfare materials. Fieldrunner 2 sets you against wave after waves of solders, military vehicles and units. To ward odd these massive groups of enemies you must have turrets to create a labyrinth of annihilation. Just like in Field runner 1 it is very important to keep the enemy soldiers in the shooting range for as long as possible by making a maze of turrets. To do this you will have to force your enemies to walk in several curvy and repetitive paths to cause maximum damage.

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In addition to all that this new version has made some fixed gameplays where you have to build certain trenches to get to the next level. This introduces completely new strategy to game which makes this game even more challenging and fun. You are no longer allowed to make the paths of your choice and you need to spread out your unit according to the task given out by the game.

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Tapping on a single unit reveals its firing range which will help you to place it at appropriate place and use it more effectively. The only problem that you cannot see the firing range of a group of units which is anticipated to be removed in the future versions.  The biggest gem in this new game is that it has new and colossal assortments turrets and towers. Each one of them is unique in the manner of their damage. These include staple machine guns, glue guns (which slow down the enemy soldier) and all other s from the previous version. There are new ones like there is a tower that fling bee hives. You may unlock the bonus towers like the one that turn the enemies into barnyard animals. Apart from new towers this awesome version of game has given the players some new abilities like you can call missiles and mines when situations get tight.

Along with immensely large number of ways to plan your strategy there are numerous ways to play this game as well. Fieldrunner now comes in many different game types e.g. “survival”(waves never end), “Time Trial”, Puzzle(gives you strategy challenges)

Just like its older version this game is going to be a big success and is one of the best tower defense game based on its improved design, polished animation, smooth controls and well thought game play.