Even though most of us have a very good opinion about Samsung Galaxy S4 but there are some users who are not happy with it. Most consider it to be the hottest gadget but the people who actually use it claim that their device does get unbearably hot sometimes – by hot I mean literally hot. Some user measured the temperature to be 50 degree Celsius to be exact which is pretty hot for a hand held device. in short most user complain that their Samsung Galaxy S4 is heating up to unbearable temperatures.

sam 2 Heating up Issue of Samsung Galaxy S4 [SOLUTIONS]

A significant number of people complained about their device getting hot while playing a game or while browsing the web and some of them even mentioned something about heat coming out of their cameras when they use it for a long time.  A former Samsung Galaxy S2 user also pointed out this problem but got rid of this when he switched to Samsung Galaxy Note II. Now thinking that upgrading might be a solution he later on bought a Galaxy S4 and suffered the same exact problem regarding over heating in almost every application.

Another user did a very interesting experiment. He measured the temperature of idle phone to be 27 degrees Celsius. Then he checked his email and measured the temperature to be about 35 degrees Celsius and after playing games it went up to 40 degrees Celsius. In various cases the rise in temperature was observed to coincide with the drop in battery life.

Many users looked around for the user and found nothing because it is difficult to use a device that heats up to 50 degrees and especially when you need it to make a call. One of the user proposed that problem can be solved by covering the phone with thin insulating covering and protecting your hands from hurting due to overheating.  But of course it was not a very practical solution.

sam 1 Heating up Issue of Samsung Galaxy S4 [SOLUTIONS]

Other solutions were a lot better than the one mentioned above. Some suggested disabling GPS and Bluetooth. Another one said something about dimming the screen. So far now these are the most suitable suggestion and the alternative is switching to other products until this problem is solved but many found that switching to a different Galaxy product did not help the matter.

So up til now the only problem the great Samsung cannot solve is: Samsung Galaxy S4 – Heating up .

GS4 heating up Heating up Issue of Samsung Galaxy S4 [SOLUTIONS]