Samsung is the top smartphone company right now Galaxy S series of Samsung are at the top. Anyone can grab the top position but not everyone has the capability to maintain this top position. By launching Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung has shown everyone how to be best. Samsung Galaxy S4 broke all the records & claimed the top position just like its predecessor, but then again nothing is perfect. We can come close to perfection but we can’t attain it. Just like that this super cool phone has also some flaws.

introducing samsung galaxy s4 Solved Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems : Solutions

Problem & their solutions

Problems & their solutions regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 are as follows. I hope they will help you.

Lag issue

Many users reported that they have been experiencing lag while using S4. It starts every time when they play games specially in the start, sometimes it goes away with time. Some people are having lag issue when they open a app or close it, also when they press the home button.

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Sometimes it happens when your phone is overcrowded with the apps & games. Also always connect your phone to safe server. Many people connect their phone to any computer, sometimes the virus in the computer transfer to your phone & as a result you face these kind of problems.

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Over Heating

Many people are complaining that they thought after Galaxy S3′s heating issue, Samsung will fix this problem in the upcoming phones but users are facing this problem in Samsung Galaxy S4 too.


According to recent news, Samsung  has released a software update for Galaxy S4 19500 through OTA ( over the air) to fix overheating issue. I hope other versions will get this update soon. So, the other users just format your memory card, close the apps & games properly after use. Turn off the air gestures, Wifi & Bluetooth immediately after using them. You will find a lot of apps in your phone that you don’t use, delete them all. I hope after doing the above mentioned things you will get rid of this problem.

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Battery Drain

This issue is actually connected to the overheating issue because the more your phone heat up the quicker your battery will be emptied. You can also go to your phone settings & find out the real problem behind your battery drainage.

Galaxy S4 Wireless Charger Solved Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems : Solutions


To avoid this problem keep your phone’s brightness low because it eats up battery faster than any other thing. When many any people turn on their Wi-Fi, they open all the apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype & then they are online all day on all of them. This is the second main reason, just close the Wi-Fi & GPS after use. Don’t keep them running all day & you can solve this problem.

Better Galaxy S4 Battery Life Tip 41 Solved Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems : Solutions

Storage Issue

All the users were disappointed when they found out that out of 16 GB, only 8 GB memory is available for their use. Operating system has took all the other space.


You can use micro SD cards to enhance the memory but then again many apps can’t be installed on micro SD card’s memory. So, I will suggest that  only keep those apps on your phone’s memory which you use frequently, delete the other or install them on your card’s memory so that you can make a space for those who can’t be installed on your card.

samsung galaxy s4 settings Solved Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems : Solutions

These are the main issues people are facing in this device. I hope with all the above mentioned solutions, you will be able to solve your problems. If nothing works just reboot your phone & you can solve your problem for the time being. In the future, I think Samsung will come up with better smartphones who will not have these problems.